Last week our CEO, Osama Abdel Aziz, was invited to represent the whole of Europe at the Halal ITBM (Halal International Trade Business Meeting).

The meeting took place in Cape Town between the 25th and 27th October 2017 with the event being the first of its kind in the Western Cape. Osama was considered as one of the biggest and most influential buyers from the Halal food and beverage sector. The aim of the meeting was to secure business deals with Halal suppliers from the region.

The Halal ITBM provided attendees with a platform to network with industry players and develop opportunities with suppliers from the Halal agriculture sector. It allowed international buyers to do direct business with suppliers from the food and beverage sector and build relationships with the suppliers to allow them to increase their halal offer to Muslim consumers.

Our CEO has now secured his position as the European representative for Halal and is very excited for what this means for the future. Watch this space for company and product updates that will benefit all of our customers.

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